Yes I remember Rev--- but I felt I was still re-posting the same points of view over and over again, so I stopped! I still remain an unrepentant happy atheist, as the various arguments failed to convince me that there is some entity, thing or state that planned this whole universe. Partly I think I am so unconvinced because I don't feel it has really been planned very well. Surely it should have been possible to halt the determination of the inhabitants of a small insignificant planet to manically consume themselves into oblivion? Or perhaps this is when he/she/it reboots and starts again (and maybe not for the first time eh Mike?

Apart from such cynicism I am doing well. I read your posts Rev, and mostly enjoy them.... but I always admire your spirit!

P.S. For some reason I feel that DAM found friendship here on line. It's a pity he got a bit snarly!