TT, you say to me, "I think you pass judgment rather easily." In the light of your comment above, does this mean that you, too, are judgmental?

No it doesn't. I practice svadhaya ( study of the self). In the union of God and manifestation there is no part of me that is separate. In that, everyone is a reflection of me. Just as creation is a reflection of God.
It is not the surface appearances that reflect God but the active transcendental energy within the layered appearances of reality that are God.
What we see in subjective living is a mirror to the substantial ideas we hold in place that make up the ego.
Once one has the ongoing expanding experience of the absolute God it can be applied to every experience and to every object of perception.
This objectivity allows one to move through subjective ideas instantly rather than to linger in them.
May I add: anytime you feel that I am passing, "judgment rather easily" feel free to make me aware of it. I will try to avoid doing so by confining my comments to what you say, not at who you are. I am a great believer in the building of community by trying to avoid personal attacks and flaming.
I would rather you found the freedom to express feelings without attaching them to judgment. Holding back energy only creates a backup of emotional stress in the nervous system making one more reactive than objective.
The tendency to be proper is not in itself a bad idea but it can't be done when one has no freedom or does not live the experience of unconditional acceptance.
A person can restrain themselves and literally choke themselves to death, because of the judgments they carry about feelings and expressions.
In any conversation that becomes an argument it always takes two to argue. If one can be objective the other can move through whatever feelings they are having and quickly return to reason and objectivity. If that freedom is suppressed it becomes reactive like a steam boiler without a safety valve. I personally have taken an objective stand to study God in everything without detaching it from myself and my creation.
It's called choice.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!