"An infinite, unchanging reality exists hid behind the illusion of ceasless change." Bhagavad Gita.

The reality is that the infinite is never hidden, rather it is ignored for the attention given to favored idealisms of the ego.
The illusions of favored perceptions in belief, blind an individual of realities that are not contained by the individual within the belief and opinion system.
People see what they want to see rather than what they can see.
Within the infinite is potential, for an entire scope of vision, which allows for all scenarios as the perfect reflection of that potential.
The idealist hopes that their order is more perfect than an order less idealized, and that all lesser will become the perfect order; but in fact it is the perceptions of the individual that must change to see the greater reflection of themselves, as the potential/infinite which is never exclusive, but all encompassing.
Without the direct experience of the underlying infinite within ones self, it cannot be viewed or experienced in anything else. It can only be conceptualized within the ego when experience is vacant, and then the world is divided into the personal idea of what God is and isn't, within and outside of ones self. There is no experience of Union with God when something is not experienced as God. Without the direct experience of the infinite when it is not idealized or ignored there is only belief. As we all know, belief is always, in a mode of constant change.

Some just struggle more than others to resist the change and to fight for the personal reality.

When it aint God it Stinks! Right Rev?

EGO...everything, goes, outward...
All attention is on idealization outside of ones personal belief system.

There must be less of this
There must be more of that
If I were God, everything would look as I would imagine it to be.... Funnily enough, you are... and it is already that!
God sees/experiences itself in everything it creates.

Ego sees itself only in what someone else or some force outside of ones self creates, unless it idealizes itself in and amongst the variegated illusions of belief which are separated from all those things it does not identify with.

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