Anon 1: Interesting? It is a very relative term, isn't it? For example, I am interested in things--and not just what I write about here--which others would find very boring. If you are interested in knowing smile I will be glad to tell you.

BTW 1, what are your great interests? And, I am interested in knowing: What do you consider to be "old stuff"?

BTW 2, regarding a philosophy of education: I accept that it is important for children to realize that life is not all interesting fun and games. I acknowledge that learning the basics, even by using boring drill, is sometimes necessary, but I believe that we would have a much better education system if we designed early-childhood education programs, as much as possible, around that which grabs the interests of young students.

Anon 2, I am interested in knowing: What is it that you are really trying to say? I am not sure how to take it.
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