TerryNZ writes:"The problem we all have is that it's as difficult for someone who believes in God to see the world through atheist's eyes as it is for an atheist to see the world through a god-believer's eyes." Indeed true.

Terry you speak of atheists and theists seeing the world. Indeed, we not only see the world, we sense it, and experience it, with all our senses.

Atheists, like most theists keep talking about God, as if he is someone, separate and apart from us and the universe, in whom we either believe, or don't believe.

I wonder how many atheists are willing to accept that there is another option--a god-concept which, like process theology (Wikipedia), includes all of nature: Unitheists/panENtheists, not only sense the physical universe, we accept that it is the outward and visible sign, or being, of GØD as invisible being in and through all natural things. This is that which imprints upon our souls and motivates us, those of us who are willing, to be loving and virtuous beings.

Belief can lead us to knowledge, which is MORE THAN JUST A BELIEF, it is fact.

In a famous BBC TV broadcast, FACE TO FACE, IN 1959--I think I remember hearing a clip from it over the CBC--the great Carl Jung, whose father, BTW, was a minister in Switzerland, was asked: "Do you believe in God?" he replied, "I do not need to believe in God, I KNOW." He was inundated with letters asking him what he meant by "God" anyway.

The January 21, 1960 edition of the LISTENER--the BBC newsletter--he wrote a detailed letter outlining what he mean when he said that he had a 'knowledge of God'. In another post I will expand on what he said.

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