In my post, above, I asked you: What's your beef with Darwin?

Now you respond: "No beef. Were it not for my fear of being accused of hyperbole, I should have made him the equal to several hundred or a thousand biologists."

The above illustrates an important point about the value of really communicating, pneumatologically: I came to the wrong conclusion. I thought that you were knocking Darwin. Now I understand that you were actually extolling him. I am glad I put my response in the form of a question.
Now you comment, "... Students need to get motivated to take responsibility for their own education - of course they will not do this if they can see no value in it."

I agree. This is what I call the pneumatological, or the personal-responsibility approach.

It seems to me that controlling, schooling and training have more to do with psychological and/or somatological factors, not pneumatological ones. Even animals deserve better.

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