You ask: "Can you also confirm that GOD has no consiousness, no ability to make decisions, doesn't influence people's thoughts, and doesn't interact with the world in any way?"

On the contrary, if we so choose, "You are, I am, we are--all of us are the points of consciousness of GOD. But only if we will it (agape) so to be, choose it and willingly act on it.

Jesus never said: "I am the son (bit of) of GOD and you are not." See John 10:34. IMO, Jesus taught: Each of us, potentially, an be at one with GOD--atonement. Thus we are empowered to do all kinds of good.

Or, We are also free to choose to do otherwise. We are free to sin, and do all kinds of evil. Neutrality--resulting in sins of omission--is not an option, IMO.

What is our will, our choice and our action--to be, or not to be? Unlike Hamlet, choosing to avoid his tragedy, I have made up my mind to be and to do.

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