"...and other communities--which really represent nothing more than enlarged families...to work together in a healthy-kind of cooperation." -Revl.

I am reminded of how, in the 1960's & 70's, we rejected organized religions because we could see the hypocracy and negative consequences; while we explored Eastern mysticism, tried to "see God," and dreamed of communes.

Terry...great minds.... wink

"...we learn the manners of the culture from our interaction with society as a whole, and mostly from those parts of it with which we have most contact, usually family and school." -rede.

I don't want to be the only one speaking for the US, but family structure has been getting a pretty bad reputation around here lately (and rightly so). Lots of problems to point out (not that there's anything wrong with any individual's circumstance, but...); divorce, single parent families, blending families, welfare families, tired families, working parents families, rich families, and nanny families.

I'd argue that media is a major influence on socializing kids these days. Taken together with "Peers," which mainly amplify the media influences, and which have become a larger part of the "School" experience, media and peers may be a larger influence than "family & old-school," these days (at least in some areas [in many areas] wink ).

Pyrolysis creates reduced carbon! ...Time for the next step in our evolutionary symbiosis with fire.