TT writes
Just a thought....but have you thought about actually surrendering yourself and your ego to someone like Tolle, and becoming a student to the Teacher, to master the difference between the self appointed guru within yourself and the True Guru in Him?...
TT, so what does that mean? Neither have did I ever go forward in a Billy Graham campaign and been "saved".
After all those years spent with religion it might be something new to chew on, meeting someone who impresses you with a greater truth than you have immersed yourself in the past.
How much do you know of my past? Tolle is not the first to make me aware of the need for the "transformation of human consciousness".

Long before Tolle there was a man name Jesus who called us to be born again--to consciousness. Over the years teachers--like several I had in my teens at university--writers like William James, Carl Jung, H.E. Fosdick, Leslie D. Weatherhead, Abraham Maslow, Victor Frankl, Alfred North Whitehead, Milton Erickson--the great psychiatrist and hypnotist--Matthew Fox and a host of others added their voices to the chorus.

I respect Tolle because, like Jesus (John 17:20-24), he does not come on as a master looking for subjects but as another voice in the chorus.

BTW, you write about"...the self appointed guru within yourself." When you write "yourself" Are you referring to me? Me? I am just another voice in the chorus.

BTW, please note: Please point out anywhere I called you "a self-appointed guru." If you can, I will apologize.