Ellis, you ask
Why should it be assumed that Islam ... is more robust than Christianity?
The thing that concerns me about Islam is this: Certain Islamic leaders--by no means in the majority--have a fascist and theocratic approach to government. They actually believe that it is the will of Allah or Islam to impose itself on all people.

Before the Reformation, most Christian leaders had the same idea.The motto of the "one true faith" was "One Lord, one faith, one baptism". Even to this day certain Christians--Roman Catholic and Protestant--actually believe that Jesus Christ, the true Messiah, will return soon.

Second Coming: In Christianity, the Second Coming is the anticipated return of Jesus Christ from heaven to earth, an event that will fulfill aspects of Messianic prophecy, such as the general resurrection of the dead, the last judgment of the dead and the living and the full establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth (also called the "Reign of God"), including the Messianic Age. Views about the nature of this return vary among Christian denominations. The original Greek of the New Testament uses the term Parousia (παρουσία), the "appearance and subsequent presence with" (in the ancient world referring to official visits by royalty). The Second Coming is also referred to as the Second Advent, from the Latin term "adventus," for "coming." Teachings about the last days comprise Christian eschatology.

You add: "Personally I feel that there is a groundswell of feeling against organised religion in the various Western cultures."

I kinda hope you are right. I am much in favour of, "fringe religion with a far more flexible dogma that encourages individuals to search for 'the meaning of life' for themselves."
BELOW is a site about: The Church Of God. It is an example--and there are any number like it--of what are called adventist Christians.
Under Herbert W. Armstrong, it broke away from the Seventh Day Adventist Church, way back. HWA said that he would live to see Christ's return. He did not. His son broke away and formed his own church. Others did the same thing.
It always amazes me how gullible many people are.


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