TNZ wrote:
"Perhaps, therefore, we should regard nationalism as a religion?"

I do. I think they are just different manifestations of the same desire to belong, to have some alpha make decisions for us, and to be able to justify that which otherwise we would need to wear around our necks as unforgiveable.

I really doesn't matter whether you blame it on religion, nationalism, school spirit, or whatever. That which appeals to the human spirit to proclaim itself important by virtue of membership rather than virtue itself is a crutch more dangerous than heroin and crack cocaine.

Blacknad ... any civilization more than 100 years more advanced than us in terms of technology would be perceived as magic: Omnipotent and omniscient.

Why are you feeding the troll? He has no interest in science? He has no interest in any serious discussion. He is just here to hijack Kate's site to sell his brand of snake oil. Just another charlatan with a collar.
DA Morgan