Surely we never get 'there'. It is 'there' that keeps us motivated to face another day. Sometimes we may have momentary fulfilment and hope we are therefore nearer 'there'. It is a ceaseless search, which I suppose can only end when our lives do. Last year I watched my mother trying to make sense of her life at 97. She had only mild dementia... and believe me she was still trying to get 'there' until the day she died. She never gave up and she made the best of her situation,

Even more importantly, I doubt that our own "there' is anywhere near anyone else's! Or, what an awful thought--- maybe we are all on the same deluded search for 'there'.

In our societies I suspect we have everything we need, and most of us are able to achieve some degree of content and happiness. Would we recognise those special moments if every second of our lives were to be wonderful? Personally I think it's important to be like my mum--- keep looking, keep enjoying and accept the present situation as best we can, whilst being hopeful for the future.