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Those? Gives some names. Who do you have in mind, Kallog?

Mostly people I've known, so I won't name them. I wasn't thinking of you, but I suppose you could be a believer too! You presented it without any disclaimer of "this is rubbish, but..". I don't just mean believing ancient people's ideas, but simply considering them to be worth any more than the fiction they are.


I consider people, especially children who ask a lot of questions, with a curiosity and an eagerness to overcome ignorance with the help of knowledge, to be philosophers.

Sure, but when you turn to made up things because the real answers are too difficult, or too dull, or just not available, then it's not seeking knowledge anymore, it's just satisfying the desire to have knowledge. You like figurative language, so I would consider religion like taking a drug to feel happy instead of having a happy lifestyle. Or masturbating instead of making the effort to find a real partner :P Essentially, cheating yourself and ending up with nothing but an empty shell of illusion.


Meanwhile, check out 1 Corinthians 12, and especially 13.

Some people are given the ability of "distinguishing between spirits"? Well, yes, that's exactly the kind of rubbish I'm talking about.

"God has placed the parts in the body...just as he wanted them to be." More made up ancient ideas. No need for me to read further.