Money and politics is only a distraction. If the population can be manipulated by its fear of dependence on money and the economy, entire countries can be controlled, not just individual people.
It's never been about the money. Those that control it aren't short of it, nor interested in acquiring more of it.
Its much more fun to manipulate humanity than it is to be rich and collect material objects.

If you have a bag of sugar and you put it out in small quantities you can manipulate where the insects who eat it live and work. You can even get communities of insects to fight each other for it.

Politicians are just insects that hoard more of the sugar, while the rest of the population gives up their ability to think to the politicians.
The Politicians don't have an interest in public interests unless it is the hoarding of sugar so that they can protect themselves from lack.

What is really interesting is when money becomes useless and the bugs that have the most of something that has become useless have lost their illusion of power and those who have real power become more visible.

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