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So what constitutes real power (when monery loses...)?
...a good combination of the two?

...or maybe the information about those resources?

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Conscious awareness. The ability to rise above fear and manipulation.

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So maybe, really valid information, and a network to support and utilize it?

I was just listening to BookTV... and thinking about food and information....

This week from BookExpo America in Los Angeles, Raj Patel explores the global food system and what he contends are its insufficiencies in “Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System.” Mr. Patel details how food is produced, marketed and sold and reports that currently more people are starving and more are overweight than at any other time in history. Raj Patel discusses his book with Evan Kleiman, host of the radio program “Good Food” that is heard on Southern California NPR affiliate KCRW.

Raj Patel is an academic, journalist, activist and writer.[1] He is the author, most recently, of Stuffed & Starved, a critically acclaimed book about why the world experiences both obesity and hunger.

As part of his academic training, Patel worked at the World Bank, World Trade Organization and the United Nations. He has since become an outspoken and noted critic of all of these organizations, and has been teargassed on four continents protesting against his former employers. Patel was one of many organizers in the 1999 protests in downtown Seattle, WA, and has organized in support of Food sovereignty. More recently he has lived and worked extensively in Zimbabwe and in South Africa. He was refused a visa extension by the the Mugabe regime for his political involvement with the pro-democracy movement. He is associated through his work on food with the Via Campesina movement, and through his work on urban poverty and resistance with Abahlali baseMjondolo. He has written a number of influential criticisms of various aspects of the policies and research methods of the World Bank and was a co-editor, with Christopher Brooke, of the online leftist webzine The Voice of the Turtle

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"Food sovereignty" is a term originally coined by members of Via Campesina in 1996 [1] to refer to a policy framework advocated by a number of farmers', peasants', pastoralists', fisherfolk, Indigenous Peoples', womens', rural youth and environmental organizations, namely the claimed "right of peoples to define their own food, agriculture, livestock and fisheries systems," in contrast to having food largely subject to international market forces.

Food sovereignty is increasingly being promoted as an alternative framework to the narrower concept of food security, which mostly focuses on the technical problem of providing adequate nutrition. For instance, a food security agenda that simply provides surplus grain to hungry people would probably be strongly criticised by food sovereignty advocates as just another form of commodity dumping, facilitating corporate penetration of foreign markets, undermining local food production, and possibly leading to irreversible biotech contamination of indigenous crops with patented varieties. U.S. taxpayer subsidized exports of Bt corn to Mexico since the passage of NAFTA is a case in point.

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Pyrolysis creates reduced carbon! ...Time for the next step in our evolutionary symbiosis with fire.