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...The experience of poverty, fear, isolation from family and friends, the experience of depression, these are not evidence of God to one who seeks God in all things and where one measures God in the experience as more or less God within the experience. Anyone can claim to have a God like experience but then if it does not remain with them and within every other experience as God regardless of the experience and the feelings that come and go, then it is by the belief, opinion and psychological association to a personal idea that God becomes attuned to ones mind as something personal and as a thought or feeling only.
Since God cannot be contained in any experience why would you assume God can be evidenced in an experience rather than in ones own heart?
Isn't divine nature by measure really a projection of your own ideals upon the experience when you say there is more divine nature in some experiences than others? How do you measure God or the nature of God?

Yes experience does include feeling (of the heart) as well as intellect and that, to the extent it is positive, is connecting to the divine. All experience/feeling has some positive feeling (hopefulness/faith) and negative (hopelessness/despair).

That is how I would measure closeness to the divine nature, or being. But we are never entirely apart from divine creativity. Guess you could call it my ideals, but life goodness (quality/quantity for the maximum numberó utilitarian) seems self-evident.