Without judging anyone, I am using the term to describe people, who for real or imagined reasons, feel and act as though they have little social worth. I am motivated to help such people, not judge them. If you can think of a better term tell us.

But you have judged them. By your interpretation of their neediness you make the assumption that they need your help.
You have judged their inadequacy and have made the judgment that you are the one they need to help them.
You haven't from Gods point of view determined they are on their own path of self discovery but have assumed they are broken and need fixing.

I have a friend who helped a homeless woman by giving her food and clothes and even a room in his trailer until he found her a job in the city. She came back after a week and told him she liked being taken care of and really didn't want to work.

We imagine what we think is real, and by that imagination make judgments toward the needs of reality (we assume God needs our help or we can do it better). We sometimes use the experience of the past to project what we think is happening now or what might be in future moments, but that is not a guaranteed projection of reality.
If you look at the medical industry, you will note that doctors can only assume according to statistics, but they cannot predict what the psyche is doing or will do because it is free from confinement according to best intentions. We give doctors authority over our well being and health yet the average life span of a doctor is far less than the national average.
The saying "The heart knows no reason" is testimony to some things that are destined to play out due to greater mind and natural laws that are not confined to the individuals needs of control. Psychologists often surround themselves with their interpretation of the world and define their practice by their self proclaimed accomplishments. But can a psychologist manipulate God or Gods will? Or can a Psychologist see God in the creation of lost souls?

A great master walked the planet 2000 years ago and in perfect surrender to Gods will, helped those that wanted help and left those that didn't alone. One of his testimonies to the will of God was that in every instance that miracles were manifest he placed the desire and the faith of those who were healed as the reason for the miracle and not himself. He was only the mirror for what was taking place. As it was, he never looked for anyone who needed him, nor saw anyone as broken or in need. He only saw and experience God.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!