"How do scientists who study such things as space/time account for the void, the theorized nothingness out of which all physical elements came ?"

"Professor (Oxford) Antony Flew...was an atheist until 2004, when the evidence convinced him to become a deist"

I take the opportunity to repeat what I think has been said on the forum many times before in some form or another:

Science deals with the nature of the cosmos and the relatedness of its parts. It may determine, with a high degree of certainty, the causal origin of spacetime. It may, eventually, even indicate a 'unity' as a 'prime cause'. It doesn't, however, provide an answer to the metaphysical question, "why". This is for the individual mind to answer for itself, in its own terms. The individual mind is not accountable to others in this respect.

"Time is what prevents everything from happening at once" - John Wheeler