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interact with GOD with every breath I take, my senses, my imagination, my thinking, and with every thought, word and deed.

Sure. But that's automatically true if you define GOD as including the universe. Every person interacts with the universe all the time.


my own free will: I use this gift to to include GOD in all

It can't be a choice, otherwise it's not real. Or are you saying GOD specifically communicates with people who choose to include it in their thoughts? That must be the in-universe part of GOD. But that means it's something more than just atoms floating in space.


G--goodness O--omnipotence & D--divinely desirable truth, justice, peace and prosperity for all. As you said

The consciousness is in us, and what about those other things? Clearly we're not omnipotent. I think some are for people and some are not for people.

quantum physicists are beginning to discover. It

I'm sure your idea doesn't depend on the latest scientific discoveries. I'm not interested in extra bits that add to the story, I want to understand the fundamentals of the idea.

I also wonder how grey areas like 'justice' can be handled by GOD. Surely it doesn't give humans more rights than animals, any more than it surely doesn't give whites more rights than blacks, or men more than women. So does it include justice for animals? How does it manage animals eating each other?