Rev- That was a nice story about the wolves but it seemed to say that the wolves regarded the master as lunch, or at least as provider of lunch, rather than experiencing the 'power' that you described. It was the human who acquired the feeling of 'god' from the encounter, not the dog. I am not saying that very profound relationships cannot exist between humans and animals, possibly because we are animals first and human ones second, and if by dealing with animals at a fundamental level we imagine are put in touch with 'god', then that is nice too, but others may also enjoy the inspiring experience of communication with another species without thinking the feeling was god-inspired.

I agree with kallog. Unfortunately the freedom lovers will be crushed whether they are GOD- filled or not. Usually the crushers win, by violence, but sometimes the crushees are victors, as (I hope), in Egypt recently. Let us hope that there is more of the sort of brave spirit, that shows the best of our humanity, in evidence over the next few weeks. It will be needed.