Bill, Ellis--she is the friendly teacher and non-theist from Australia--way back quoted the following from Warren--the artist from Paducah, Illinois, USA.

Now I ask Ellis: Why? What did you have in mind when you quoted Warren?
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Warren wrote:... There is no problem if the believer has a life that allows for consistency, goodness and quality.

However for a person struggling to live a life of brutality, poverty and sorrow the beliefs or promises that would appeal most would be those that would offer exclusive rights to an afterworld of luxury and a god who will reward the believer for the devotion of a life lived in his/her service.

If the god required death then so be it. The hurt of living would be ended and eternity with the god would be the reward. People have always felt that gods (the divine) requires sacrifice.

To me it doesn't make much sense.
To Ellis, Warren, Bill, or anyone: I hope that, by now, all of you understand what I mean when I say: I do not make and/or worship idols, even the ones I make with my mind or imagination. Any God, gods, or a god, as separate beings from us, are idols, to me.

IMO, as good people we are all, potentially, g0ds--note the zero. That is, we are in the eternal Now.

As g0ds (see John 10:34), we exist within GOD--that which is good, omnipresent and desirable. As such, we have the freedom to choose that which is GOD-like, or not so GOD-like.

Look at the many crimes created by potentially creative clergy, despite all that preaching and praying.

Moral and ethical atheists, if you don't like the acronym 'GOD', feel free to make up your own acronym, or word. How about 'Lover'? Or Realist?

The bottom line is: Treat life, self and others, according to the principle of the Golden Rule and I care not what you call yourelves.

Is this concept one that is impossible for readers to understand?

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