BTW, as one who is very interested in exploring and finding the best way to have families, communities and nations where individuals are free to be happy and live in harmony, unity and peace, this just came to me. Let me know how you feel about this:

The surest way, it seems to me, to create disunity, disharmony and a hostile, unhappy attitude in a family, community, or a nation, is for any individual, or a group of non-democratic and authoritarian individuals, to try to impose their philosophy of what makes for unity, harmony and peace, on others without consulting them and getting their consent.

For example, authoritarian parents will almost always raise a family of unhappy, dysfunctional children who will either become co-dependent wimps, or rebel.

What happened to the once powerful community of Sparta and other similar city states; to the "pax Romana", to the Church of Rome, and to all the nations, since then, dominated by Fascism/Nazism? What modern nations are heading in this direction? How are Canada and the USA faring?
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