Rev. I agree with TFF. Your definition of God changes with the comment you are trying to combat. You said:

"To my sight GOD is light, in all its forms; to my hearing GOD is sound, and to my touch, GOD is all that I feel. In addition, I taste GOD and smell the GOD in all that I call nature".

In other posts you have claimed God is a word for all there is. But now you seem to be saying God is not dark. Anything you can't hear, touch, feel, taste or smell is not God. What controls all these things; the Devil, Satan, Ahriman? Of course it's not possible to disprove any sort of God exists if we keep changing the definition of what that God is, especially if we make the prior assumption there is a God in the first place. As TFF says it sounds like you accept God can be anything we want it to be. This idea has always ultimately led to the belief that once we have decided what our God is we can then try to exterminate others who don't accept our definition.

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