GOD IS LOVE (1 John 4:7)--that is, a will that is truly free--is the kind of love Paul writes about in his great prose poem: 1 Corinthians 13.
Love-based and truly human beings are those who know how to connect with, tune into, and use the mysterious power we call free will--commonly called love. The special Greek term is agape. As an old song puts it: "Ah! sweet mystery of life, at last I have found thee--at last I know the secret of it all."

A will that is not truly free can be manipulated to be GRUESOME, OMINOUS & DIABOLIC--note that it spells 'god'--the false kind of God.

A will that is truly free is one which GENERATES, ORGANIZES & DELIVERS that which is GOOD, ORGANIZED and DELIGHTFUL.

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