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Could a new way of praying help change things?

Ignorance/Changing Beliefs in God, does not create Absolute Truth in God thru the changing of rituals. Instead it only creates different illusions and changing rituals.

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So let us consult a democratic god.

One that alternately changes the universe and its laws depending on the majority vote?
Humanity does not have the capacity as yet on a whole to decide it's own fate, let alone decide the fate of the universe.

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I like to think of G-0-D as All that IS: Good, 0rderly and Desirable in the universe.
Following your discourses and the inability to take the opposing thought as anything other than a debate, Orderly in your projections seems defensive and limited to your personal beliefs. In a democratic society, I am sure there are others with their own defining principles and beliefs in what orderly is. I'm sure your belief in an orderly God will make a nice addition to 7 billion individual definitions of orderly, and God, on this planet.

Perhaps if you wish to campaign for G-0-D, you will have to change the beliefs of everyone to accept yours as you see them. But first you would have to find one that does not change. You change yours a quick as you think up new thoughts and new acronyms.
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G-0-D is like a meta and mega-like search engine powered by Agape-Love--WILLPOWER at its best.

Meaning that everyone gets what they focus on. Being that evolution is the basis for human development and the reflection of current Earth conditions is a result of the current G-0-D search engine, Will is hell bent on bringing itself to the brink of destruction before it realizes what it is and what God is.

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This will get all good people, including atheists--the password to the source--IN us AND ALL AROUND US--that gets love done.
No it won't. Looking for love does not necessarily bring you love,... when you don't know love.
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If it is to be, it is up to me, and thee!
Then one would need to know what is, rather than democratically determine what is, thru a democratic vote.
What is truth absolute for one, is Truth for all.
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