Lindsay. You wrote:

"The Spirit of Math inspires students to seek answers on their own, not by rote, and is clearly achieving positive results. It stretches the imagination, of those who want to be involved, to the limits."

I gather this sums up your belief that religion is a personal thing. I agree. But, in relation to your threads on economics, unfortunately people seem remarkably ready to follow all sorts of gurus out to make money off them. Dan's recent comments on the Exxon bribes thread gives us some idea why.

Redewenur. You wrote:

"Do you attempt to impose your own beliefs upon them in an effort to prevent the sacrifice?"

I'd say not. You might point out that in your society it's not done and perhaps explain philosophical reasons why not. But by attempting to impose your own beliefs you might finish up with two sacrifices. By the way, I imagined your name was Thai!