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There is a huge difference between schooling and education. The conflation of these two related, but very different things is perhaps one of the greatest impediments to improvement in the US education system.

I'd trade a dozen PhDs for one Darwin any day.
Tell us more: What are some of the differences between schooling--I presume you mean the spoon-feeding approach--and education.

Schooling is what gets done to you; education is what you do for yourself. Schooling happens "in a school" or "in a room" or in some other place "out there," while education has always occurred in only one place - a student's yearning mind. S and E are interfering functions. Sometimes their interference is constructive and at other times it is destructive; they can even cancel each other out! Schooling ends when school is not in session, but education never has to end. One major purpose of schooling should be to help students understand what education is and appreciate their own responsibilities in regard to its development.

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What's your beef with Darwin?

No beef. Were it not for my fear of being accused of hyperbole, I should have made him the equal to several hundred or a thousand biologists.

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What do you feel about my opinion: Education (literally means 'to draw out) happens when a creative teacher draws out the creative spirit already in the student. That is, when the teachers succeeds in inspiring the student to love the art of learning.

I think it's in line with what I have said. It's only part of it, but probably the most important part. Students need to get motivated to take responsibility for their own education - of course they will not do this if they can see no value in it.