Revlgking wrote:
"What about the destruction caused by diabolic and evil scientists? Does this make all science evil?"

Name one?

Let me preempt this idiocy by naming Dr. Teller whose is probably in line to dribble from your lips. How many people did Dr. Teller kill with his own hands or by means of decree to other who carried out the bloody work?

Now lets ask the same question of those who claim moral and ethical superiority because they wear a collar and claim to worship the "Prince of Peace." And let me remind you of the Crusades, the Hundred Years War, and a few thousand other memorable events recorded in history books.

Is condemnation without real information ever acceptable no. But condemnation must be for real acts of commission ... not the hypocritical rants of a troll who has hypnotized himself into believing he has anything of substance to say.
DA Morgan