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1.But isn't it (i.e., exploring GOD as imminent and transcendent Being) totally fruitless?
2.Can't you achieve the same results without GOD?
3.My 'god' ...another word for nature.
4.What can you gain from ascribing extra properties to nature that are purely imaginary?
5.If you get good feelings from it then why not just describe it as a mental tool to create good feelings?

6.Why artificially connect the GOD concept with the real world?
Good questions. Here is how I respond:

1. "Totally fruitless?" In my opinion, no!
I have questions for you:
How willing are you to understand what it means to have the power to will, to think and to do?
What do you know about, and think of, the human ability to imagine?
How important is this ability to human beings?
2. "Without GOD?" That is like saying we can explore existence by doing "without Existence". Can we see, physically, without eyes?
3. "My God?" GOD is not an object to be possessed. If we agree to it, our very existence means that we are the ones who are possessed--in GOD.
4. The role of the imagination? Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." It is the foundation of creative and new knowledge.
5. We are free call it what we will. Without imagination we would still be in prehistoric times. There would be no philosophers, no scientists and no artists.
6. I repeat, Existence, the Real World, and GOD--physically, mentally and spiritually speaking--are, for me, one and the same.

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