I liked the idea of blind chance or chaos theory of the big bang compared to taking the materials for a building and blowing them up with dynamite and ending up with a completed building.

Does that mean:
The populace believes creationism does "lineup with scientific discoveries today?"

Do you normally think this way or are just sarcastic because your bored?

Scientists can be skeptical but then the majority of the population aren't skeptical enough to closely examine the things that are labeled as scientific, and often act like lemmings, following a lead even if it ends up at the bottom of a ravine after a long fall over a cliff.

TT, and others: Keep in mind, IMO, this is not a debate; it is a dialogue--the sharing of ideas

Which part of expressing feelings or opinions falls outside of the definition of dialogue? If you don't want to judge others then just don't. That'd be a choice.

Thus my statement that I think the universe may be the result of blind chance seems reasonable to me.

Seems totally idiotic to me
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