Yes, one of my assistant ministers was deep into TM. So were several of my congregants. They all said that my classes in pneumatology, with its emphasis on meditation on "connecting with and tuning into" GOD--not pleading with a reluctant god to answer our prayers--were on the same path.

My critique of the Maharishi was his selling those so-called "secret" mantras, which are well known Sanskrit words to all those who take the time to look.

ABOUT JOHN 17:20-26: Then who are the "them" "those" "they" and "us" mentioned in the whole passage, to the end of the chapter? In Luke, Jesus said: "I am among you as one that serves."

My suggestion is that all of who are truly interested in spirituality need to stop this casuistry--clever but false reasoning, the art of splitting hairs--which only gives more power to the ego. Let us focus on spirituality.

Like Iehe points out
When ego replaces spirit, religion replaces spirituality.
BTW, Iehe, I basically agree with you and do not need to cling to the word.

But keep in mind: IMO, an ego-dominated religion is a sick religion--or way of life. Can there be such a thing as a sick kind of spirituality?

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