As you know, I do not believe in prayer in the traditional sense--that is, pleading with a reluctant and capricious god out there, or up there, to do this that and the other thing for us just because we request it; but I do believe in tuning in to, or connecting with GOD as the source of the knowledge and wisdom we need. I believe in imaging what is needed and sending what I call meditative and affirmative thoughts, which I will. After all, all progress begins with thought.

Physicists, from all over the world, are working on the LHC--The Large Hydron Collider, at Cern, on the Swiss/France border. They
want to turn the earth into one giant computer-like and global grid:

I envision that this could mean the harvesting of power sources never before available to us.

What are the cycles of weather in your area. I presume that most people have enough air conditioning.

BTW, are you aware that there is an Australian connection with the history of refrigeration?
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