Kallog, you quoted me saying
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[quote=Revlgking]...that immeasurable and mysterious space-time continuum, into which all things, including the material universe, are expanding.
Then you ask,
Wait! Is that it!? Is that the holy grail of "What is GOD?" that's been so elusive for so long?!!!
Elusive? Note the signature that I have used for some time now: GOD is IT. The 'I' stands for that which is imminent, close at hand, even palpable. But it also includes what I call nature and which physicists call the microcosm--the mysterious world of quantum physics. THE LATEST NEWS ABOUT THE LHC:
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Reality, when understood, is replicable. Theories will dissipate when reality is proven, only god theory shall remain.
To move past quantization we need to move to the heart of matter, whether; conventional, anti-, or dark- matter, it all shares commonality - mass. Materialization via light is gods power. electromagnetic energy converts a neutral field point of no mass and no energy into a massive energetic point - matter. Energy (em) materializes reality.

Energy interacts with space (spacial field) creating massive particles. There is nothing stopping re-genesis. Conversion of matter into light (dematerialization) and re-materialization as long as the bits of information are not lost or changed. Reality is controllable. The Higgs boson does not exist independently (for long that is). The Higgs boson is the result of energy interacting with the higgs field. When you push something you exude a force on it, it exudes a negative force on you. Energy forces materialization in gods field.
The 'T' stands for that which is transcendent--even beyond that tiny fraction of our Milky Way that we are just now beginning to explore.
Well if it is (the Holy Grail), then I think it reaffirms that GOD=nature.
Nature ? It seems to me: You obviously have a panentheistic--a high, exalted and non-material idea of "Nature", which is OK by me. You say:
Conventional theory says the universe isn't expanding into a space-time continuum, but that it's expanding into a void which has no space-time continuum.
Any Web Sites about this? Also, are there any for:
It's easy for humans to imagine this void as a big black expanse of space, but it isn't. It doesn't occupy any volume or have any shape. It's just not there. Hence has no space or time.
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