"Why not follow a religion, if you follow one and there is not a God, when you die you wont know. But if you don't follow a religion and their is a God your screwed"
Author Unknown.

It is obvious that Author is not good at spelling smile

BTW, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascal's_Wager
Pascal made a similar argument.

In my personal opinion, I believe in doing good for its own sake. Tomorrow, if we all agreed to simply keep the Golden Rule--My version is: Love others as they need to be loved--the world would become heavenly, and GØD--goodness, order and design would be the order of the day.

Would I like for all people to practice this simple kind of religion? You betcha. Why? Because each and all of us would be better off. No organized religion would be needed for this to happen. Fellowship groups like the kind to which I belong, maybe, could help. But they are not absolutely necessary.
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