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OK Rev... You are not leaving much to work with."
Not much to work with?

IMO, and that of many modern physicists--especially the new quantum physicists--we have the infinity of space, in which to get things done, and the eternity of time in which to do it. What more do we--as G0d-like co-creators within GOD--need?

The Uncertainty Principle
First published (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) Mon Oct 8, 2001; substantive revision Mon Jul 3, 2006

Quantum mechanics is generally regarded as the physical theory that is our best candidate for a fundamental and universal description of the physical world.

The conceptual framework employed by this theory differs drastically from that of classical physics. Indeed, the transition from classical to quantum physics marks a genuine revolution in our understanding of the physical world....
The work of modern physicists, like Werner Heisenberg and Kurt Godel--both, like Max _Planck, Einstein and others in their field, were highly spiritual individuals and their work reminds us to be humble and, like Socrates, to acknowledge how little we really know about the nature of things.Our knowledge in not an absolute and certain thing. It is, like GOD, a relative, uncertain and incomplete work in the process of becoming.

If we choose, we are free to opt in and be part of the process--what an opportunity! We are also free to opt out and miss out--what a shame and a waste, if we did!

As I have said before, check out
Process Theology
--the work of A.N. Whitehead (mathematician and philosopher) and the Rev. Charles Hartshorne--his best interpreter.

Also, check out the work of Alan Turing, the great mathematician and logician, who laid the mathematical foundation of modern computer technology. During WW 2, his knowledge of how to break enemy codes helped defeat the Nazis. He was also a deeply spiritual and deeply troubled person.

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