I've always found it hard to define myself as either an atheist or a theist; now I'll have to find out what "new atheists" are defined as. Are there "new theists" too? ...Revl...?

...busy week, but this came up as I turned on the computer. ...wanted to be first....

LONDON - Albert Einstein: arch rationalist or scientist with a spiritual core?
A letter being auctioned in London this week adds more fuel to the long-simmering debate....

As I read that first sentence, I thought 'why does that have to be an "or" statement; can't one be both?'
My next thought came as I read "...expressed complex and arguably contradictory views on faith, perceiving a universe suffused with spirituality while rejecting organized religion;" and again it was basically the same: 'Where is the contradiction?'

John Brooke, emeritus professor of science and religion at Oxford University, said the letter lends weight to the notion that "Einstein was not a conventional theist" although he was not an atheist, either.
"Like many great scientists of the past, he is rather quirky about religion, and not always consistent from one period to another," Brooke said.
...or 'not consistent from one context to another,' perhaps?
....Translating and/or emphasizing things differently, depending on context.

Maybe there is something to learn here; but either way... this is a good quote:
"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."

Well, it's a nice little article. I've seen Isaacson speak about his book before [thanks BookTV] and he includes many of his best points: ("Einstein was no Einstein"), etc., in this obnoxious (but short) video interview.

video of Einstein on NBC interview: "May 12: Walter Isaacson, author of "Albert Einstein: His Life and Universe," takes Mika Brzezinski and Chris Matthews inside the mind of the genius who was able to combine intelligence and creativity."
I liked his answer to Pat Buchanan's (if i recognized the voice right) "question" about Intel. Design.
Pyrolysis creates reduced carbon! ...Time for the next step in our evolutionary symbiosis with fire.