Anon wrote:

"but the universe is too well organized and structured to be an accident or a random occurrence."

To which I can only reply - no it isn't.

Anon also wrote at length on the nature of god- what it is or isn't- and examined the link between reason and truth. At least I think he/she did. Maybe not. I did read it all- but I got lost when the Matrix was mentioned. I DID NOT like that movie at all!! and also I am not sure exactly what is meant by the experience of truth. (The comma helped-- Thanks Sam). Surely the truth of one's own being may be flawed without our knowledge- we can never know everything and can only do our best and try not to hurt others, something which happens all too often when we feel we know the one true answer.

Sam--Ah guilt-- what would we do without it! (Be happy probably!)