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that nature and the total universe are one and the same but, IMSO, both are in GOD.

OK, so what else is in GOD? If nothing else then we can say GOD is nature which is the total universe.


ABOUT HOLOGRAMS, you say that you do not know a lot about them; that you can "look up technicalities if I need to." So far, what have you found?

Nothing. I'm waiting for you to explain how GOD can contain things that aren't part of nature. I'll look up what I need to when the time comes. If you feel there's an important concept that needs to be understood first, then tell me what it is. Bear in mind that this is one of the most fundamental points of your religion. So far you have not once explained it (that I saw).

I'm getting ready to give up again. I just have two simple questions that you repeatedly refuse to answer:

1. What is the difference between GOD and nature?
2. What is the connection between GOD and GOD-like, or any other aspect of human behavior that you have associated with GOD. This should be different from anything that's already established by science.

I tried making it easier by breaking them down into more simple, specific questions, but that didn't help.

Without answers, your entire religion reduces to "I recommend that people be good to each other".