TFF, there is something wrong with my 'puter, all voices sound like chipmunks laugh. Maybe God does not want me to hear your words laugh.

However, I presume you are an atheist. Could you give me a summary of what you said?

You say. "Of course, most people who have religious beliefs resist having their beliefs categorized, because their views are obviously correct and more sophisticated than the others in the category."

As a unitheist, I am prepared to accept atheism anytime anyone can convince me that I do not exist within existence, which is, IMO, a self-evident and eternal process within the infinity of space and time we call now.

As an individual, I consciously choose to believe--with only self-evident proof--that there is, if we choose it, more and more life and consciousness. I believe that it will be filled with meaning, purpose and an infinite variety of things to do.

IMO, atheists, without any proof, seem to believe that, purely by accident, we individuals came from nothing and will, on death will go back to it. IMO, such a belief requires a ton of faith.

If atheists are right, no one will ever know. We will all RIP. Not a bad deal, really. But, as one who does not want to RIP, I prefer to WWW (work, with a will) and with the knowledge and power to be truly loving.

However, if theists/unitheists/panentheists etc., are right, think of the fun we will have with our atheist friends: "TFF, are you having fun, yet? Or do you find that angelic a bit choir boring?" laugh

BTW, I am not fond of choirs going on and on, either. I hope Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, etc., will be on hand. I love Strauss waltzes, Newfie, Irish and country music, the Beetles, the 40's...lots of variety.

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