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Rev, perhaps you could tell us more about the "Great Physician", lest the more sceptical be tempted to think you are referring to some personalised God figure.
In my opinion, Jesus was truly a great and fully-human being who, like many before and since, chose the way of service not of mastery.

Perhaps the 20 years of his life, not mentioned in the Bible and about which we know zero, were spent by him traveling to the far east and learning from the ancients there some of the wisdom of the ages.

I am willing to accept that, long before words like pneumatology, psychology and somatology--and the ideas associated with them--were invented, Jesus used this knowledge to help heal the spirits and minds of people, which resulted in what we call physical health.

Interestingly, in 1 Thessalonians 5:23, Paul did write, in Greek, about our need to be aware of the power there is in the PNEUMA, PSYCHE AND SOMA (spirit, mind and body) to heal one another.

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