Sam, I am glad to see you mentioned money and the specialization in careers as things which we have invented to make life more enjoyable for the whole of the community. This brings us, once again to one of my favourite topics:

As you know I am so interested in understanding the nature, power and function of money--the root of much good when understood and used to help us keep the Golden Rule.

Money, and what we do to earn it, is the way we transfer, hand down and pass on, to others, things we do not immediately need to consume for our own purposes. I realize we have a thread on money, but I will ask the following question here:

I wonder how many have really taken the time to check out and

If so, did it get your interest? Or did you just dismiss it as an impractical idea.

If we are well off and have all the employment, and money you need, then we can afford not to bother any further about this.

But, if we are one of the ones, or if we have relatives and/or friends, who have been hit by the current financial crisis that is growing more serious by the day--or if we would just like to help those who have been--we need to take this seriously.

THERE ARE, BASICALLY, TWO KINDS OF CURRENCY--The national and debt-based fiat currency, controlled by the market place and the banks, and there is the local and community-based currency which comes into play when we barter with one another and help one another in families and communities.

The problem is: Our debt-based and fiat money system is currently in control and it is broken and full of flaws. It gives us our booms and busts, which only serves the purposes of greedy manipulators.

Perhaps we are rich enough and don't need any help. Or we are too apathetic and don't care about the needs of others. Perhaps we are cynical and don't see that there is any problem. Or is it that we are filled with despair and feel that there is no solution. In which category are we?

The solution is here. has been working on it since 1973. Now all we need to do is to get seriously involved by agreeing to become part of the growing barter movement and link up with the Golden-Rule kind of monetized-barter systems already out there. If anyone is seriously interested, the FLF can show you how.

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