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think? Evolution can be GOD-like, it seems.

Of course, because GOD is indistinguishable from nature, and nature involves evolution.


following go extinct and be removed from the dictionaries?: God, god, holy, atonement, prayer, meditation, heaven,

Those words express concepts. Nothing wrong with that. But 'spiritually' is very poorly defined. In fact it's often used by athiests when they want to imagine something mysterious is going on beyond boring, dull, psychology.


BTW, WBD points out that before psychology was called psychology, it was called pneumatology--study of the Holy

What has the historical use of words got to do with GOD? Would you lose faith in GOD if words had different histories? Can your idea be used by a non-English speaker?

You're still not saying anything about your idea, just making lots of examples of common natural things. It still looks like nothing more than nature.

So let me ask again - what's the difference between GOD and nature?