Is this what you do? Just cut-n-paste endless text from your religion? I thank you for the courtesy to grant the dubious credit for this spew to the actual author.

However, I have to ask you if this is going to be a habit of yours. Your behavior seems inappropriate in this sort of forum. I'm not writing this, because I disagree with you.

I ardently disagree with a number of people on this forum, but I can't help respecting (at least some of) them. Rev is a confused, but decent guy. Moreover, he's pretty respectful of other people on the forum. He really thinks he's being scientific (lotta people make that mistake), but his words are pretty much his own. He quotes others, including outside sources. But most of his text is his own analysis and commentary. Regardless of the correctness of his argument, what he's saying is ... "him." Same could be said of most other posters here.