Rev, do you feel that these moments are evidence of god, or do you see it as part of the oneness of god in everything? Or are they both the same?

Incidently I feel that the nursing baby example is a two way thing. There is powerful pure happines in nuturing a contented baby.

I do agree that these states can be reached, and I like the inclusion of pet animals. If I ever rule the world I will ensure that every child has a pet to care for! Such moments of happiness need not be rare if we use contentment as our benchmark, and not aspiration.

However I am always wary of any proposition that states we can think ourselves healthy. We can think ourselves happy, content, even euphoric, but for some of us life can be a struggle and it is wrong of us who are not so affected to think that even positive thinking can cure disease or defects. The person invoved can be optimistic, happy etc. but they will still have the disease or defect, thinking does not make it go away. It has to be dealt with in the knowledge that improvement may not happen and in fact deterioration may be the only future.

One of my personal pet hates (and I do not often use the word hate) is the saying-- "a heathy mind means a healthy body." Tell that to a child born with spina bifida or muscular dystrophy, and it is only a short step to--" it is your fault you are not healthy because you must have done something wrong and are being punished (by god)", which is a belief in many cultures.