Revlgking, I appreciate your advice and will follow it. Thank you.

I have had health problems from childhood which resulted in a couple of near death experiences. Remarkable improvements in my health followed these experiences, but they were temporary. I pursued alternative medicine in an attempt to understand what happened.

I eventually developed my own approach to accessing changes in the emotional stress/pain system. It is good work, but of course I am in the good company of many inspired individuals making great strides in understanding the mind body connection. T

The work I do is more mechanical than philosophical. I focus on reversing the thinking process which apparently changes the brains function to making the changes desired.

I equate the interaction of the emotional system and the prefrontal cortex of the brain to the prisms effect on light from white to a rainbow and back again to white. The trick is to understand the prism.

In answer to your other question, yes I have read the Power of Now. I also like The Course in Miracles.