Last evening, I talked with Turner, a teacher and a pro musician, at his place. Theologically and philosophically speaking, he and I, obviously, see eye to eye, even heart to heart. With his approval, I posted the above from his 'puter.

GØD includes everything we sense with our senses; everything we think about, mentally and intellectually, and everything we relate to culturally and spiritually. GØD is the source of all creative faith, hope and love, within, around, below, above.

Atheists are free to reject and to choose not to relate to this GØD-concept, as defined above, but as one writer in the forum puts it:

" is probably not possible to refute the existence of God, since the existence of anything and everything proves that God exists.

If God is defined as a Creator separate from his creation, then there is little or no scientific support for this claim. So whether God exists, or not, comes down to how we define God."

Atheistic existentialists have been known to say that the whole idea of existence and our consciousness of it is simply "absurd". No wonder many have lived lives filled with despair ending in suicide.

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