Haven't gotten around to registering, as I was sent a link from someone. Just so that I'm not really "anon," this is Cassox.

Yes, I spent the time to go through all of the posts. Quite long.
The problem as I see it, is that each person is using a subjective
definition for ideas. Going back to the first page, we have someone
saying that a omniscient computer would be God. Yes, the statement was retracted to an extent, but its a good launching point.

What are the qualities of God? Basic Abrahamic approach is that he's Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Benevolent. This is the first problem I have. Most people here are familiar with "the problem
of evil," so I won't even bother to explain it. My point is that if God has these three attributes, then his existence is not logical. Yes, according to human logic I mean. So if God can't be
comprehended by humans, how can one even attempt to discuss his attributes? Unless we make certain assumptions, how can we possibly identify any form of truth?

These are my assumptions:
1. God, if greater than human, would exhibit greater maturity and tolerance than any human.

Do we see this? No, of course not. First of, if omniscient, god
knew each soul that would be condemned. He set up the environmental influences that caused their "fall." Thus he is directly responsible. Problem, is he still punishes. Wouldn't god be above entrapment?

Also, why the secrecy? If the point of god creating the world was to be glorified, why does he need to hide away? It's a weak arguement to say," God is all around you, but you refuse to see."
An omnipotent god would have the power to make it damn clear to everyone. Where a person to choose sin then, its really sin. For a person, who reasons it out differently, to make a decision such as "not stoning their children" or "to eat shellfish" against old testament proclemations, really shouldn't be punished. People in general really do want to do whats right. The problem is, god has
not made that clear at all. Those who follow the "good book" are often the most hateful, and the most loving and supporting often
lack religious affiliation.

I think its fair to say, that if a child experiances and associateds a christian as mean hearted, and then is punished with eternal damnation for not being christian, then "god" is not

Finally, creation itself is the biggest arrogance I can imagine! Billions of souls created to burn for all eternity, and why? For glory? Glory!?! That is sickness. Worse than any Hitler...