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... the assumption that before it (the BB) there was nothing (or NO thing, or what ever imaginative term one might wish to use) is pure speculation, colourful prose notwithstanding.
Bill, I assume that the "something" before the BB was the primordial ball (a ball of compact hydrogen atoms perhaps?).

Me? I cannot imagine, until the first hydrogen atom came into being, that there was any kind of "thing"--except what I call G.O.D.--not a thing, but the potential that there is, in all that is, to generate, organize and deliver, what some call Reality. I call it creation.

As I understand it, this hydrogen atom multiplied and became the primordial ball (about 30 times the size of the sun) which contained what we now call the cosmos.

Then came the BB causing super-hot galaxy-sized bits of matter in a state of chaos to move away from the core of the ball into what we call space. Concurrent with this, the atomic clock began ticking out the seconds, hours, years, millennia (thousands of years) and light years we call time.

Isn't this what scientists have in mind when they say: The BB was 15 to 20 billion light years ago?

BTW, Rede, the myth I have in mind is no more sacrosanct than are the theories of science.

Also, the myth I have in mind is not about a god who created a Garden of Eden--a perfect world with a perfect God-like and sinless Adam, and an Adam who did OK until God made a BIG mistake: He created Eve out of Adam's rib.

As a wag once put it: In the beginning God created the earth, including man, in six days. Then he rested on the seventh. But then, he created woman. Since then, neither man nor God has rested. laugh

It is about now and the future, not about some nostalgia-filled past.

I speak quite sincerely when I say: For me, the future I used to dream about--imagine about, visualize and creatively think about--in a not-so-good past, which I am glad IS past--is now.

For the very selfish and pragmatic reason that I enjoy living in a world that is filled with good people I want to world to be a better place for everyone. So why wouldn't I recommend this approach to anyone. So, as long as I find that creating this kind of myth works, I will do more of the same.

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