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Kallog, it seems to me that you want a god of whom you can make an image. Is this so?

I have no idea what you mean by "image". I don't want a picture I can draw. I want information that describes it, that can be built up into a cohesive "image", but of course not a graphical one. Without that, you can't pretend it's even an idea. So yes I want to be able to make an image.

Until now you still haven't added anything more to the idea than that GOD is nature.


Rhetorically, I ask: Does air force us to breathe? Does power force us to use it? Do knowledge and wisdom force us

I still can't understand what you're trying to say. GOD guides us, right? Just as a role model might guide a child. It doesn't do anything, the baseball player doesn't even know the kid who's trying to be like him. But just thinking about it provides the guidance, right? Or is it not that?


IMSO--my sincere opinion--GOD is that which wants to be of service from within us and from beyond us. The more of us

"wants"? You criticize me when I talk like that. Please be consistent. GOD cannot want anything because it's not a conscious being.


out of which our mythical first-parents were cast by a mythical God.

Rev, these are things which really waste time and don't help illuminate the GOD idea. Worse they are aggrivating. I would appreciate it if you avoid using them when writing to me:
- Bible quotes
- What GOD isn't
- Definitions or histories of words
- Recommendations on what people should do (preaching)
- History stories
- Analogies. But given the nature of the topic, this might be unavoidable. However often there are English words that can be used instead.
- Sarcasm/rhetorical questions
- Judgments about what I'm thinking
- Overloaded words whose meaning can't be determined. If you have a complex meaning, explain it with more or more specific words.

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