An excellent question TNZ. In the interest of intellectual integrity I must acknowledge that there is no reason grounded in scientific principles. It is just a personal preference somewhat of the order of I prefer lamb to chicken or I prefer Thai curries to Indian curries.

I think we should stop torture for several reasons.

First and most important to protect myself and those I care about. (if I am anything it is brutally honest)

Second because it has been proven by history that all torture does is beget more torture.

Third because it has proven totally unreliable in providing substantive information.

But back to religion ... one might note that almost all torture in history has been done in the name of nationalism or religion.
People, except the very sickest, don't commit torture unless they have a prop onto which they can justify their actions by appealing to a so-called higher good.

My feeling is that if god doesn't like what I am doing ... he can damn well get off his fat behind and stop me.
DA Morgan